Shipping Policy

1. Transportation method:

We provide you with fast and safe transportation through reliable logistics partners.

2. Delivery scope:

Our shipping services cover the world. No matter where you are, we can deliver the goods directly to your designated address.

3. Shipping time:

Once your order is placed successfully and payment is completed, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible. The specific shipping time varies depending on the order volume and destination, please understand.

4. Shipping fee:

Shipping charges are based on the weight, size and destination of the item. During the settlement process, the system will automatically calculate and display relevant shipping information.

5. Track your order:

Once your order ships, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can track the status of your order at any time. You can log in to our website and enter the tracking number on the “My Order” page to check.

6. Goods not received:

If you have not received the goods within the estimated shipping time, please contact our customer service team in time. We will actively assist you in tracking your package and resolving issues.

7. Packaging method:

To ensure that the goods are safe and undamaged during transportation, we will take appropriate packaging measures. Protect with suitable packaging material to prevent moisture, damage or wrinkles.

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Tel: (+44)7577146559

Address:414 Bury St W London N9 9JU, UK

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